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Specialty Inks


If you’re looking for a print that’s a little out of the ordinary, some specialty ink may be right up your alley. They can make parts of your artwork glow or puff up off the shirt. You can even draw attention to certain parts of your art by adding glitter or shimmer.

Aside from just adding pizzazz to your prints, sometimes certain kinds of specialty ink are just flat out required on certain garments. For instance, 100% polyester garments require polyester inks so that the dye in the fabric doesn’t bleed into the print. If we printed regular white ink on a red 100% polyester shirt, the white print would turn pink in a matter of hours.

To avoid issues like that (and a slew of others) we’ll help you pick the right inks for your project. We do charge extra for these specialty inks, but it’s to ensure you get the best possible end product available.

Our specialty inks include glitter, shimmer, glow-in-the-dark, puff, suede, poly, stretch, and nylobond. Each of these has different pros and cons. Read on for more specifics about these various inks.


• Guess what this ink does? Glows in the dark!

• The standard, raw ink color is a very pale green, but more colors are available for additional fees. Please keep in mind that this will increase production time.

• This ink works well with many designs, but we suggest staying away from anything with halftones or fine details.


• A little less shiny than glitter inks. The flakes in this ink are smaller than glitter inks, so they don’t reflect as much light.

• Available colors: gold, silver, blue, & red. Additional colors are available for additional fees. Please keep in mind that this will increase production time.

• High details are still not encouraged, but some smaller details can be printed with shimmer vs glitter.

• The print is still pretty thick, but not much thicker than a standard plastisol. Still, if you’re looking for a soft print, we would recommend you stick with water-based inks. Click here for more information on water-based inks.


• Shiny as hell. Think back to your years in kindergarten when you would spread Elmer’s glue on construction paper and then sprinkle glitter over the top of it. That’s not too far off from what the final print looks like with glitter inks.

• Available colors: gold, silver and pink. Additional colors are available for additional fees. Please keep in mind that this will increase production time.

• No high details allowed! There are visible chunks of glitter in this ink, so it doesn’t play nice with anything detailed. Stick to big, block lettering or solid areas of color.

• The print is thick. If you’re looking for a print that feels soft, stay away. We have to put a lot of ink on the garment for it to work properly, so the print ends up being a pretty big slab of ink.


• This is an additive that can be mixed into nearly any plastisol ink we carry. It causes the ink to expand and physically “puff” up on the garment.

• It’s a great option for any time you want to add a 3D effect to a specific color in the artwork. For instance, we printed a rainbow with white clouds and added puff to the clouds. When used properly, this additive can turn what would normally be a standard print into a print that really pops.

• As with most specialty ink, you should stay away from fine details. Due to the nature of this ink, as it puffs, small details will be lost.

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