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Nonprofit T-Shirts

We value your cause

Offbeat Press is screen print shop with strong values. We are a certified green business by Green America, with business memberships to the Midwest Renewable Energy Association, the Wisconsin Network for Peace & Justice and the Wisconsin LGBTQ Chamber of Commerce. Drew’s background is interwoven with community organizations and we design and print for hundreds of awesome organizations across the country. We enjoy the opportunity to give back with discounts on nonprofit t-shirts and free creative work.

Offbeat Press offers a discount for all orders of nonprofit t-shirts created for service and community organizations.
We give organizations 2 options of how they want their discount:


Free Design!

We offer free t-shirt design for community and service organizations. Many organizations don’t have their own creative team, but we make sure organizations have the opportunity for an awesome shirt design.

Discounted Shirts!

We offer a 10% discount on t-shirt and tank top orders for organizations that are reordering and those that already have a professional design.

Interested in taking advantage of our nonprofit discounts?


Do we Qualify?

You’re probably looking for more details on what qualifies for our nonprofit discounts. Organizations that provide services to people, animals, arts, culture and community are eligible for our nonprofit discounts. We have worked with women’s groups, animal rescues, environmental orgs, fundraising events, farmer’s markets, social justice groups, school clubs, vet organizations, homeless shelters and more. Is your nonprofit looking for creative work beyond t-shirts? We are a full creative office happy to offer our services to charitable causes. We regularly put our creative skills to work designing logos, marketing materials and event graphics for appreciative organizations. Here are some creative materials we’ve made for our nonprofit clients.


Offbeat Press works with a handful of organizations in larger ways through event sponsorships and partnerships. One of our favorite partnerships is Hoodies for the Homeless, our December fundraiser for the Day by Day Warming Shelter. We launched Hoodies for the Homeless in 2012 and we’ve partnered with the local homeless shelter to help raise a few thousand dollars.


Raise funds and raise awareness! T-shirt fundraisers are a popular way for organizations to make money online. With a t-shirt fundraiser, organizations can make money from one of the best marketing tools in the business. It’s important to create a great shirt design that your supporters will want to buy. Interested in creating a t-shirt fundraiser with Offbeat Press? Let’s make it happen!


It’s important to consider the type of shirt that’s fitting for your audience and your message. Nonprofit organizations with particular environmental and social causes should probably think about using shirt brands and fabrics that coincide with their values. We offer a variety of eco-friendly shirts, eco-friendly water-based inks and American-made shirt options. For additional info and options, see our Comfy Shirts. If you’re looking for additional fabrics or styles for your organization, our friendly staff is happy to help.


Nonprofit T-Shirts