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About Us


Offbeat Press is a socially-conscious, Wisconsin screen printing shop and creative design office (HYPE Visual). As a growing t-shirt printing company, in Oshkosh, WI, we’ve developed a strong customer base across the Midwest and beyond. We specialize in quality custom t-shirts and apparel products.  We enjoy the craft of the screen printing process and creativity will always be at the forefront of Offbeat Press.

ObP Monogram - Wisconsin Screen Printing


We take Wisconsin screen printing past the commercial aspect, working with our clients to offer quality apparel products. Quality drives every aspect of our business. We believe a quality experience and dedicated service is the best place to start. Original ideas and creative designs help set us apart. We encourage our clients to work with quality t-shirts and fashion-forward styles, because most people prefer to wear and buy a quality product. Quality screen printing takes a combination of fine detail, soft printing, color accuracy, proper techniques and reliable results. By combining our artistic roots, technical experience and attention to detail, we offer screen printing options specific to our client’s needs while pushing the boundaries of Wisconsin screen printing.

The evolution of screen printing in Wisconsin


Our Wisconsin screen printing story began at the height of the recession – December 1st, 2008. Offbeat started small, offering creative screen printing and t-shirt design within a small corner of an abandoned building on the East side of Oshkosh, the original tram station for the city of Oshkosh. With riverfront access in a residential neighborhood, we are located near the intersection of Lake Winnebago and the Fox River. Since beginning within a 400 sq. foot loading dock space, we have incrementally grown from those meager beginnings. In early 2012 we expanded, doubling our capacity, doubling our printing equipment and adding modern amenities such as a break room and a print shop with windows. In 2015, we expanded again, moving into a new print shop within the same building. Check out our Sustainability + Responsibility for more info on our sustainable growth as a Wisconsin screen printing shop.


Drew is a Wisconsin native with a background in branding and design. His professional experience includes conceptual design, copywriting and more at ad agencies, design firms and his own design business before opening Offbeat Press. Drew began designing apparel graphics in college and started his own independent clothing label shortly after college. As Progress Label grew, Drew’s freelance work expanded and he was hired to for more t-shirt design projects.

Drew began working with various Wisconsin screen printing shops and screen printing shops in Oshkosh, Fond du Lac, Ripon & Madison. With mediocre results, Drew began to seek out better options. It quickly became clear that Drew wanted better shirt styles, better fabrics and better inks than the basic shops had to offer. Eco-friendly printing was difficult to find, but he eventually found a Washington screen printing shop and then another in Berkeley. After the California screen print shop failed to deliver a big order, Drew decided it was time to create an eco-friendly Wisconsin screen print shop. Offbeat Press was born six months later with the help of a crew of good people and lots of hard work. Check out this old interview with Drew for more info.


Offbeat Press has evolved over the years as we’ve grown from a tiny manual print shop to a creative design + robust print shop. It’s our goal to deliver creativity, craft and quality in every order and to every customer. With hard work and natural growth, we expanded in the spring of 2015, again moving our print shop, expanding into a larger area of the old tram station. With this expansion, we are reconnecting with our roots, doubling our print capabilities and limiting our environmental impact during growth. Read more about our expansion under Responsibility + Sustainability. We added new equipment including our first auto press and an awesome gas dryer. We now have 2 manual presses, 1 auto press and additional equipment. With 7 employees and growing, we have an awesome staff these days. Between our managers, we have over 30 years of screen printing experience in all areas of the screen print industry. Our staff is young and knows how to have fun, but we take our work seriously while putting out high-quality products. Thanks for your interest. We look forward to making some awesome work for you.