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Decoration Services

Looking for custom decoration beyond screen printing? We offer 2 main options.


Custom embroidery is great for a variety of products and customers looking for something different. We can embroider at nearly any size, though the level of detail isn’t as precise as screen printing. With this decoration option, there is always an initial process necessary to recreate your design with embroidery thread. That process is called digitization.

We offer embroidery on hats, polo shirts, jackets, bags and more. We recommend embroidery as the ideal decoration method for most hats and beanies. Standard hat decoration size is about 3.5” wide x 2.25” tall, but different hat styles have different needs. There are also options for larger embroidery sizes.

Stickers, Marketing Materials & More

Our creative office has the experience and skills to design just about anything and our staff know how to print it. While Offbeat Press only prints apparel, we have a network of awesome wholesale vendors that can help print your goods. Whether you need rolls of stickers, marketing fliers, coffee tumblers, growlers or more, we’re happy to help. Most products require a minimum order of 500qty for small items and 72qty for most larger ticket items.

Patches + Pressing

We have 2 heat presses that we use for specific tasks. We typically use our hat press for pressing embroidered and woven patches onto hats for a fun and unique product. Patches and appliques come in various sizes and backings. Get in touch if you’re interested in ordering patches.

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