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Custom Print Locations

As artists, we work to creatively maximize the printable area.

Not only do we offer custom print locations, but we do so with limited additional costs. We have 2 manual presses and 1 automatic press, giving us great versatility to find the best solution for your print project. We’re able to customize our print locations and even experiment on new locations and techniques.

Whether you are looking for basic t-shirt printing or more custom apparel printing, we offer print locations including: fronts, backs, sides, pockets, collars, hips, sleeves, shoulders, hoods, butts, armpits, feet, dogs, across zippers, or even off the edge of shirts. Chances are, you’ll have a hard time coming up with a print location we haven’t put some ink on. Each garment is unique and comes with its own opportunities and limitations.

Though we’re pros at printing custom apparel orders, that doesn’t mean that every garment will be identical. Customers should plan their artwork accordingly and accept that minor discrepancies are sometimes part of the uniqueness of custom screen printing locations. For example, when we print over seams, each garment seam is going to lay on our print boards slightly different, meaning each one may have a slightly different texture or inkwell. When printing over surfaces that are not flat, we suggest working with our soft, water-based inks to minimize the print discrepancies.

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