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American-Made Shirts

American-made quality is no joke.

American-made quality is no joke. While manufacturing in the United States has been on the decline for decades, there is a niche resurgence in the apparel industry. There are a handful of American-made shirt brands that stand out and we’ll get into that below. Much like conventional apparel, each brand has a different focus on style, durability, fit, colors and target market. The cost difference is usually pretty affordable for American-made shirts and we receive great wholesale pricing. American-made apparel production means transparency, oversight, quality control and quicker turnaround times for out of stock items.

Additionally, we find our favorite American-made garment producer also has a stronger emphasis on eco-friendly, organic, recycled and sustainable apparel. With American-made shirts, we can fully trust the garment production utilizes the environmental standards they promote. American manufacturing has strong regulations for fair working conditions, equal labor standards and environmental accuracy. In contrast, the global apparel industry has a reputation for poor working conditions, hazardous chemicals, inaccurate labeling and poor labor standards. While all conventional apparel manufacturers claim to be sweatshop-free and offer ethical working conditions, many questions persist. When customers are seeking fair-labor, fair trade or ethically-produced apparel, we suggest going with American-made shirts.

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Our Favorite American-Made Brands:

Royal Apparel

American-made, stylish &
eco-friendly garments

As Wisconsin’s largest purchaser of Royal Apparel garments, Offbeat Press can honestly say this is our first choice for American-made garments. Royal has a vast inventory of American-made shirts, sweatshirts and other garment styles for women, men, children, toddlers and infants. Their basic apparel options are ringspun cotton and all garments are fashion-fitting styles for various ages.

Royal Apparel fabrics include 100% ringspun cotton, 50/50 cotton/polyester, triblend t-shirts, organic cotton, RPET recycled polyester, eco-triblends, and hemp and bamboo blends. Each fabric blend includes at least a few different garment styles, while the most popular fabrics might have up to 50 different garment styles. Royal is probably 99% American-made with a handful of imported apparel styles. Royal Apparel sizing for men’s t-shirts is considered a unisex fit, but usually runs slightly small, especially in the larger sizes. Some women’s styles also run rather small. You should also be aware that Royal also makes a variety of juniors’ fits in addition to women’s fitted shirts.

American Apparel

Past leaders of American-made shirts

American Apparel is a well-known brand, popularized with retail stores in every major American city, racey ad campaigns and support of progressive causes. The company was founded in Los Angeles and made a strong impact on the wholesale industry with their soft fabrics and comfortable fits. They brought fashion fit garments, ringspun cotton, and triblends back to mainstream, though their rise to prominence has been followed with a fall from graces.The embroiled company went bankrupt for a second time in mid 2016 and was purchased at bankruptcy by Gildan Activewear, the company that also owns Anvil Knitwear and eliminated Anvil Organics. Today, American Apparel has drastically scaled back their American-made manufacturing and is beginning global production. The World Line of the American Apparel brand is the new focus and these are not American-made.


American-made, stylish &
eco-friendly garments

Los Angeles Apparel looks and feels very much like American Apparel and there’s no accident in that. Los Angeles Apparel was recently launched by the founder and former CEO of American Apparel, Dov Charney. Dov has a muddy past from his years with American Apparel, but he’s also been an industry pioneer. Today, Los Angeles Apparel is giving the revamped American Apparel a run for their money. Los Angeles Apparel offers many of the exact fabrics and styles that Dov’s team created and popularized, each at a slightly better price than American Apparel.


American-made fashion with style

US Blanks is a fashion-forward, socially responsible apparel manufacturer based in Los Angeles. Founded by an American Apparel employee, they continued the trend by being 100% American-made. Their styles include all the basics and some really nice extensions with more fashionable styles and environmentally-conscious options. They are a progressive business, supporting social and environmental responsibility. US Blanks is vertically integrated, milling their own fabric, dyeing, cutting and sewing all in Los Angeles.


American-made workwear and basics

Bayside Apparel is a traditional workwear brand that has grown and evolved for an everyday audience. Bayside has a large assortment of Union-made items for men and women and the Bayside brand is popular with Union workers and trades people. The basic styles from Bayside Apparel run large and are built more for durability than fashion. In recent years. Bayside’s American-made garment styles include tote bags, hats, beanies and and sweatshirts. If durability and thick fabrics are important to your company, Bayside is the brand for you!

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