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T-Shirt Design

Create Custom
T-shirt Designs
with Offbeat Press

We love designing custom t-shirts! T-shirt design is how we got into this biz and one of the primary skills that separate Offbeat Press from the majority of our competition. Most screen print shops create generic designs with clip art, or don’t offer custom design at all. We create our own graphics – every apparel design we create is original and affordable.

OUR Apparel Design Process

Evaluate. Define. Conceptualize. Design.

Creating New Designs

We work with our customers in a variety of ways to develop unique t-shirt designs. If you don’t have a specific idea for your custom t-shirt design, that’s not a problem! We have created hundreds if not thousands of awesome t-shirt designs for our clients. We know your apparel project is unique and we want to get to know the details. It’s important for us to fully understand your project and apparel use so we can create t-shirt designs that reflect your style, your objective, your business, your brand, or your band.

1. Evaluate the Details

Design is communication, and that’s what we begin with. The better a client communicates details with us, the better we can use our creative skills and time to create custom t-shirt graphics that are right for them. If your shirt design is intended to promote a new service or launch, we need to know that. Or, if you are looking for a shirt design that can be sold at a specific event, we want to know the details of the event and your involvement. Even if you want branded apparel for your staff, we want your brand style guide, professional logos, fonts and Pantone colors. The more details you share with us, the better we can refine our design direction.

2. Define the T-shirt Design Style

Style is everything, but what style is right for you? Every brand should have a different style and it’s important that we create your t-shirt designs in a style that is congruent to your brand. We can create designs that are modern, minimalistic and clean or go a vintage route with elaborate typography. We can even create detailed illustrations and make full-color artwork for simulated process or 4-color process printing. For new clients, new releases and creating a series of shirt designs, we suggest creating a vision board. Clients can create their own or hire us for more creative involvement. Our involvement in creating the vision board will apply more of our ideation in the conceptual and style process, maximizing our creative skills.

3. Conceptualize The Possibilities

A lot of brands like to tell people that they’re pushing the boundaries, however that’s not always what customers see. When clients hire us for our creative ideas, we brainstorm in various directions, pushing real boundaries and developing new ideas when the project calls for it. We can create a spider web of visual ideas that could turn into multiple designs for a full line of seasonal apparel designs or be applied to various products over years. With a refined creative project, our creative minds go to work developing thumbnail sketches that can turn into professional designs. Our visual brainstorms have launched new brands, new products, new business models and grown many small businesses. We usually provide clients with multiple design ideas to choose from, pending the scope of each client project. Those initial ideas can be rough sketches, hand-drawn designs or nearly-finished vector graphics.

4. Finalize with Great Design

With a clear design direction decided upon, we move forward with developing the finished t-shirt design. The final t-shirt artwork brings the ideas to life. This is where the brilliant details are beautifully created in the t-shirt design style that’s been chosen for your project. If your project includes custom illustration, we hand-draw the final artwork and then digitally enhance the illustration adding color and refining the finished work. The details of every design are what separates us from the masses. We also apply our intricate knowledge of screen printing capabilities and develop the final design in a way that will maximize your print details, colors, budget and quality. Once the final design is complete, we provide each client with a final proof for their approval.


Working with Client Ideas

Do you have an idea that you’re looking to bring to life? Whether you have a very specific idea in mind or a vague theme, we can work with your project to create designs that meet the needs of your project. Some customers prefer to give us a subject, a quote, a concept, a goal, or a style for us to build from, others have a full illustration or photo. We can bring your bar napkin scribbles to life and we can provide original ideas for your clothing label. If you have a drawing that you want to use we can scan it, clean it, revise it, and use it by itself or with other artwork, text or design elements. Let’s talk about what makes sense for your design project.

Advantages of Working
with Offbeat Press

Knowledgeable Customer Service

We know the garments, the inks, the colors, and the reality of screen printing, so you don’t have to!

Designing for the Printed shirt

Our staff understands the nuances of screen printing – say goodbye to common design mistakes, and get used to achieving more with less!

Quality + Reliable Printing

When you hire Offbeat Press for custom design, you can be confident that our superior technical printing skills will result in a beautifully printed product.