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Responsibility & Sustainability


Offbeat Press has strived to be a sustainable screen printing shop since our humble beginning. We opened our doors as the first eco-friendly screen printing shop in Wisconsin during the height of the 2008 financial crisis. When corporate responsibility hit a new low and thousands of businesses shuttered their doors, Offbeat Press embarked on a new journey. Offbeat Press was the first certified green screen printing business. Today, we are the only Gold-Certified screen printing business in the world, by Green America.

Sustainable Screen Printing

Sustainable screen printing combines a dedication to our environment and the people we share it with. True sustainability is both environmental and economic. We try to combine these values. Offbeat Press began operations in a mostly vacant warehouse on the East side of town. The building happens to be the original tram station for the city of Oshkosh and we strive to be a vehicle for community involvement, civic engagement, and environmental sustainability. We have worked with dozens of awesome organizations and community groups and we provide a friendly non-profit discount to community-focused organizations.

We also believe in taking care of our employees. We are proud to offer good wages and benefits to our awesome staff. Our full-time employees receive paid holidays, paid time off, voluntary healthcare, profit sharing and a variety of perks and bonuses. From a production standpoint, our design office stands apart, making original artwork rather than stealing or borrowing others. We offer a variety of American-made, organic, recycled and sustainably produced garments at fair prices. We strive to make original work at fair prices.

non-profit discount

We support dozens of awesome organizations and community groups and we provide a friendly non-profit discount to community-focused organizations. Our non-profit community spreads far beyond Oshkosh. We work closely with small, awesome organizations across Wisconsin and the country. As a certified business member of Green America, the Midwest Renewable Energy Association, LGBTQ Chamber of Commerce, and Wisconsin Network for Peace & Justice, we both promote social improvements and we actively work towards a better tomorrow. Some of the organizations that we support include the Camp to Belong, Day by Day Warming Shelter, Habitat for Humanity, the Oshkosh Area Humane Society, YouthGO, Central Rivers Farmshed, Planned Parenthood, Oshkosh Food Co-op project, Oshkosh Housing Authority and many others.


Social Responsibility

To understand the importance of social responsibility and sustainability, it is important to know Drew. Drew has been socially-engaged since college, working for a variety of good causes both creatively and directly. While working as a local Art Director in Oshkosh on unfulfilling projects, he began coordinating graphic design and marketing projects with a variety of local organizations as an opportunity to work on fun and creative projects. During these early years, Drew gained recognition with his pro-bono and helped lead a local non-profit, allowing him to venture out on his own after less than 2 years of real-world experience. Four years later, Offbeat Press was born, offering creative screen printing as well as a sustainable and socially-responsible business model.

ECO-Friendly screen printing

In addition to printing with eco-friendly water-based inks and sustainable garment options, we utilize various environmentally-friendly screen printing processes. We work to maximize production efficiency, both reducing our global footprint and increasing our production quality. Our transparency printer is repurposed and upgraded, allowing us to eliminate resources and increase accuracy in screen creation. Our new exposure unit is powered by LED lights, shortening the screen preparation time and art preparation process. We use low-impact chemicals during screen reclamation and shop cleaning. We use a water-based tex-tac, and efficient curing and drying equipment to make the process lean, green and clean. Additionally, we benefit from a large variety of other green processes in the shop, the office and our daily lives.


In the winter and spring of 2012, we expanded the print shop, moving the shop upstairs to take advantage of natural light, better ventilation, increased comfort and new opportunities. During our print shop expansion, we utilized a number of efforts in order to reduce our environmental impact and maintain our social responsibility. We salvaged enough anti-static floor to piece together a nice print shop floor and ink room. We sought out and purchased another used press and dryer of the same brand and similar model in order to allow for additional use of all print boards, and press features. All folding tables, ink shelves, and ink tables were also re-purposed and re-built from various sources including the Oshkosh Habitat for Humanity RE-Store, trades, and second-hand stores. 100% of the equipment necessary for our expansion was reused or repurposed.

When we expanded in 2015, we again made the most of available resources. We moved our print shop back downstairs into the middle of the vacant building.

We built our own drying cabinet and washout booth of repurposed materials, both of which also saved us money and increased efficiency. We also purchased new, high-efficiency equipment for better performance. Our new shop space was deconstructed from 8 individual offices. We salvaged the studs from those office walls and repurposed the wood in the shipping crates. Our print shop contains 8 beautiful shirt folding tables, all of which are re-purposed flaws from a custom furniture shop in the area. Our table bases are entirely made of the salvaged shipping crates and office walls. We reused the light fixtures that were within the drop ceiling and replaced those with efficiency bulbs. Our shop is also designed for maximum air-flow and ventilation with air exchangers and a great exhaust system. After 9 years of stewardship and leadership, we continue to blaze our own trail. It worked extensively with nonprofit organization’s towards the variety of great causes. We are also working on the projects to further our commitment and continue and continue our support of great causes. Place your content for the second column here.

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